Music City Worship is teaming up with Kol Dodi to bring multicultural and multilingual worship to the Jews For Jesus convocation in Cyprus this year!

We have been chosen to bring our unique sound and ministry to the nations represented at this gathering. 

We hope to bring unity to the body of Yeshua through a worship experience that allows every tribe and tongue to jointly worship the King of Kings and break down the barriers that languages sometimes create!

Our team is holding a concert to help us raise funds so that the whole team can go. With a band that is 10 member strong, you can imagine that costs add up quickly. This is where you can help us bring what God is doing here to the nations!

The evening of March 22nd is the beginning of Nissan and therefore the beginning of the Jubilee year! This is the year that one of our members had the vision on Yom Kippur of 2021 that He would pour out His mercy on Israel and there would be a wave of salvations in the land. 

The name of the Jews For Jesus convocation on Cyprus is Yovel (Jubilee)!!!!!

Would  you come out on Wednesday night, March 22 at 7pm inside Xenote event space at Plaza Mariachi to celebrate the coming in of the Jubilee & support those who are blessing those in the “fields” of Israel? Your donation will help and sow seeds in the Land and the work that the Lord is doing in Israel. 

If you outside the Nashville area or are unable to attend the concert would you be willing to make a donation online? You can click the “Give” button above to make a secure online donation.